'The Walking Dead' season 4 surprised viewers during last Sunday's episode with the first, but brief return appearance of David Morrissey's the Governor. While the actor himself had a lot to say of his character moving forward, the first photos from the upcoming "Live Bait" show the once powerful villain has endured some wear and tear.

EW debuted the new images, revealing the Governor on his own in the zombie wilderness, which is not a good look for the man. Morrissey previously said of the character, "He is a man that has lost everything. And I think what we see coming up is how he deals with that loss." Based on last season's events, desperation and loss usually lead him to become even more dangerous than he already is.

In addition, the Governor's appearance in the very last shot of the last episode, gazing up at the prison from outside the fence, was also a foreshadowing of the character's ambitions. "He’s looking for safety, and the main thing for the prison is it’s the safe place to be."

Although 'The Walking Dead' hasn't even hit the mid-season mark, Morrissey teased that the Governor could potentially pop up farther down the road, saying that his priority remains with the AMC horror-drama, despite his commitment to the network's upcoming 'Line of Sight' pilot. Of course, many of our questions will be answered with this coming Sunday's installment, "Live Bait." But until then, check out the latest photos from the episode below, and give us your theories in the comments.