'The Walking Dead' Season Finale "Welcome to the Tombs" Photos: Will Rick Take the Fight to Woodbury?


AMC's 'The Walking Dead' is gearing up for its biggest season finale yet with this Sunday's "Welcome to the Tombs," and all bets are off for which characters survive the climactic battle between Woodbury and the prison. The fight itself won't take the entire hour however, so might Rick and his best fighters get a chance to strike back at the Governor before it's too late? Take a look at brand-new photos from this Sunday's 'Walking Dead' finale "Welcome to the Tombs" inside to find out!

All hands are on deck for this Sunday's coming finale of 'The Walking Dead' season 3, as "Welcome to the Tombs" could prove ominously literal for many of our beloved characters. Series star Norman Reedus told The Hollywood Reporter of the finale "It's a full-blown war. You have two herds of wild animals charging at each other and everyone has guns, knives and explosives. People will definitely die."

THR and Entertainment Weekly also uncovered some new photos from the season 3 finale, several of which feature Rick Michonne and Daryl on what appears to be a mission to Woodbury itself while the Governor lurks in his torture chamber, doing walker-knows-what to Andrea after we saw her last. And call us crazy, but both photos of Rick skulking outside in the woods seem to obscure the person immediately to his right, which we now see isn't Daryl or Michonne! Does Woodbury have another defector in its midst?

Also present are a few behind-the-scenes photos, but other than Daryl's headphones and Glenn's knee-pads, we won't bother engaging in such wild speculation about the finale.

Take a look at the newest photos from 'The Walking Dead's season 3 finale "Welcome to the Tombs" below, and give us your predictions for the final episode in the comments!

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