'The Walking Dead' Season 3 could certainly teach 'American Horror Story: Asylum' a few lessons on how to make an effective teaser. Rather than taunt us with apparently meaningless imagery, the last 'Walking Dead' teaser actually teased an ominous challenge for Rick Grimes as he carefully investigated an abandoned home, so what does the latest zombie-filled look bring? Could 'The Walking Dead' have its roots in the bible?

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, 'The Walking Dead' season 3 has shambled out yet another bad-ass teaser, shorter than its awesome Comic-Con 2012 trailer, but nonetheless effective. In the latest look, we see the hordes of walkers that await the survivors within the fences of the West Georgia Correctional facility, the prison the survivors will soon call home, accompanied by Hershel (Scott Wilson)'s season 2 line "Christ promised a resurrection of the dead... I just thought he had something different in mind."

Indeed Hershel's, and likely all the survivors' faiths will be tested as they struggle to make a life for themselves behind bars, especially once Woodbury's villainous Governor (David Morrissey) makes his presence known.  Will Hershel survive to see his daughters safe and sound, or will the farmer be tested even further than the family he's already lost?

‘The Walking Dead’ will premiere its third season on Sunday, October 14 with “Seed,” though in the meantime we have plenty of shots, theories and interviews to get your ‘Walking Dead’ fix until then.

Take a look at the new spot below, and tell us in the comments what else you think may lie within the prison walls when ‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 kicks off October 14!