'The Walking Dead' will look very different this year, and we don't mean because of the increased zombie carnage, the ominous new prison, or even the new characters joining the ranks.  Rather, 'The Walking Dead' season 3 will be the year of the "Ricktatorship," as Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) learns to take command of his fellow survivors and put aside any notions of democracy.  But with Rick in charge, who might come along to challenge his leadership?

Whether or not you enjoyed the second season of AMC's mega-zombie-hit 'The Walking Dead,' there's no arguing that Rick Grimes has come a long way as a character in just a short amount of time.  From clean-cut policeman "Officer Friendly," Rick has grown steadily darker, and more gruff, culminating in the murder of his unstable best friend Shane in season 2, so is Rick finally ready to take charge in season 3?

The latest teasers for 'The Walking Dead' season 3 put Rick front and center, using footage from season 2 finale "Beside the Dying Fire" to position Rick as the group's undisputed leader, no democracy about it.  But even if he manages to lead his fellow survivors to safety inside the prison walls, how will he handle a rival settlement run by The Governor, a man equally determined to be the leader?

Check out the new promos for 'The Walking Dead' season 3 below, and tell us how starved you are for fresh zombie action in the comments!