With all the potential plot twists  and new characters yet to be seen in action, it's easy to forget ho the real heroes of 'The Walking Dead' season 3 are: the zombies themselves!  That's right, background noise though they may be from time to time, there would be no motivation for AMC's undead drama if not for the walkers shambling about to either herd their way through the highways, or get themselves caught in sinkholes.  So what's so special about the walkers seen in new prison photos?

AMC has released two more official photos from 'The Walking Dead' season 3, though not of any of the survivors, or even new characters Michonne and The Governor.  No, these photos are of 'The Walking Dead' themselves, two rotting zombies trying to make their home in the iconic prison, before Rick Grimes and his merry band of survivors come to ruin the day!

Note the exceptional work done on each walker, which only gets better and better as the series goes on, thanks to executive producer and FX artist Greg Nicotero.  You can also check out this video detailing how the process of making 'The Walking Dead' has evolved over three seasons.

What say you?  Do you think the zombies look better and better with each year?  What else do you think 'The Walking Dead' survivors might find within the prison walls?  Check out the photos below, and sound off in the comments!