'The Walking Dead' "This Sorrowful Life" Preview Photos: Is Daryl Leaving the Prison?


No doubt 'The Walking Dead' fans across the board are dreading the final two episodes of the season as much as they anticipate, given the brutal deaths sure to follow. Rick and his group prepare for a climactic battle with the Governor, but are relations between the survivors falling apart? New photos from this Sunday's "This Sorrowful Life" might see at least one fan-favorite character venturing outside the prison, but in search of what (or whom)? Find out inside!

This Sunday's penultimate episode of 'The Walking Dead' season 3 "This Sorrowful Life" could get bloody by hour's end, but the latest photos from the episode have us very curious about Daryl and Merle's involvement. We've seen a few photos before of Merle apparently in distress but might Daryl have his own conflict with Rick ahead? And what might he be searching for outside the prison?

Elsewhere, the new photos (via Entertainment Weekly and HuffPostTV) see Glenn and Maggie strengthening their relationship, while the walkers nearby chow down, but who should we be afraid for most? Could we be seeing the aftermath of the bloody battle ahead?

Check out the latest photos from "The Walking Dead' season 3's upcoming installment "This Sorrowful Life," and give us your predictions for the final two episodes in the comments!

AMC / HuffPostTV
AMC / HuffPostTV
AMC / HuffPostTV
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