'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Puts Us in Danger in Latest Photos, Plus First Finale Poster!



'The Walking Dead' season 4's latter half put its first major deaths on the board with this past Sunday's "The Grove," but with only two episodes remaining before the big Terminus reveal, things are going literally, and figuratively off the rails. New photos from Sunday's "Us" put more than a few survivors in the crosshairs, while our first poster for the season finale sees Michonne drawing her sword on the road to Terminus!

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, HuffPostTV and TVLine, the latest looks at Sunday's "Us" cement that we'll be following Daryl and his new friends, along with Rick, Michonne and Carl. The first sneak peek put Glenn, Abraham and Tara in the mix as well, but can we expect any bodies to drop during "Us," or will it all be saved for the March 30 finale "A"? As the badass Terminus poster puts it, "Who will arrive?"

Meanwhile, here’s what AMC had to say of Sunday’s penultimate installment “Us”:

Faith becomes a survival tool for some fighting to stay alive.

We can think of a few characters we wouldn't mind saying goodbye to before the end, but could "Us" see the first major axes fall? Where are Tyreese and Carol, or even Beth, after their wacky adventures at "The Grove?" Check out the latest photos from "Us" below, and give us your predictions for season 4's penultimate "Walking Dead' installment in the comments!

AMC / HuffPost
AMC / HuffPost
AMC / TVLine
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