If you wanted to see more of the kooky superhero team-up game, The Wonderful 101, then the new trailer from the E3 2013 Nintendo Direct should satisfy your needs.

Get ready to see some thrilling heroics as the trailer starts out with a bus full of children in peril. The Wonderful 101's frontman, a dude named Mr. Wedgewood who turns into a hero, shouts the words, "Wonder-eyes, RED!" and transforms into a spiky-haired, badass version of himself.

He summons the rest of the team and uses the Unite skill to become different forms, like a giant hand or a sword. It's all very bombastic, riveting stuff. And there's even a fat German kid with a giant gun. Seriously, what's not to love.

You can check out the trailer above and see the Wonderful 101 take on aliens by Uniting and using their unique skills. In this world, it seems that you really can get by with a little help from your friends.

The Wonderful 101 will be released on Sept. 15 for the Wii U. Let us know if you'll unite your dollars and send them off in order to get this game.