ScreenCrush wraps up the day's events that you might have missed. Today, we've got a new trailer for 'Skyfall,' info on a new 'Family Circus' live-action movie, casting news for Nicolas Cage and Jason Segel's latest gigs, and more.

- The live-action 'Family Circus' movie is moving forward with two new writers coming on board to pen the script [Variety].

-Trailer: 'Skyfall's' new movie trailer is out and ready to watch! The footage is not all-that new, but it'll still get you hyped for its November 9 release [Screen Rant]. Check out the latest TV spot for 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' [Yahoo Movies].

- Video: Still waiting for more footage of 'The Walking Dead'? Check out this new commercial featuring the AMC series and Windows 8 Pro. [] So, why won't Black Friday this year be as bad as previous years? [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

- Casting: Shirley MacLaine is looking to join Melissa McCarthy in the road-trip comedy 'Tammy' [THR]. 'How I Met Your Mother' star Jason Segel is turning 'The Official F Word' into a feature comedy [Deadline]. Nic Cage will be featured in the Christian-based movie 'Left Behind' [Variety].

- Spike Lee's 'Oldboy,' which recently added James Ransone, gets a release date for October 2013 [Cinema Blend].

- Movie Posters: 'Skyfall' has released a new poster to promote its early IMAX release [Coming Soon]. Sick of lovelorn vampires? Well, how about lovelorn zombies? The first poster for 'Warm Bodies' is now available [MTV].