The Wrap Up: Major 'Skyfall' Spoiler and FAIL, Zack Synder Weighs in on 'Star Wars 7,' and More

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ScreenCrush wraps up the day's events you might have missed. Today, more directors speak out about involvement in 'Star Wars: Episode 7,' Judi Dench reveals a major spoiler about 'Skyfall' (DON'T CLICK IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW), The Boston Herald accidentally manages to make the 'Skyfall' poster... dirty, the best movies seen at AFM, and more!

- OMG! Did you know these stars were in 'Lincoln'? [NextMovie]

- The grossest photo from 'Cabin Fever: Patient Zero' actress. [FEARnet]

- FAIL: The Boston Herald should be embarrassed for doing this to the 'Skyfall' poster. [GuySpeed]

- 10 movies that can't be over hyped from AFI. []

- SPOILER: Judi Dench reveals a major plot point in 'Skyfall.' [HuffPost Entertainment]

- 'X-Men: First Class' star eyed for WikiLeaks movie. [Variety]

- WATCH: Full 'Glee' performances of 'Grease.' []

- Looks like the daughter on 'Modern Family' has a dysfunctional home life. [StarCrush]

- WATCH: International trailer for 'Hitchcock.' [The Playlist]

- 'Star Wars: Episode 7' -- Will 'Man of Steel' director take over? [Coming Soon]

- WATCH: 'Anna Karenina' interactive trailer. [Moviefone]

- Is "Supernatural 'Avengers'" movie 'Heaven Sent' actually happening with Guillermo del Toro? [MTV Geek]

- WATCH: Supercut of the 50 Years of Bond. [Slash Film]

- More Monsters! Meet the Wargs from 'The Hobbit' movie. [Latino Review]

- WATCH: New clips from the 'Red Dawn' remake. [The Playlist]

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