The Wrap Up: Carrie Underwood in 'Sound of Music,' James Gunn's Bad Life Choices, and More

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ScreenCrush wraps up the day's events you might have missed. Today the first pics from 'V/H/S/ 2' sequel hit, the coolest 'Back to the Future' taxi is uncovered, James Gunn is in a bit of a pickle, Carrie Underwood gets cast in the 'Sound of Music' TV special, and more! Plus, you can buy 'Justice League'-themed cars now. 

- FIRST PICS from 'V/H/S 2' titled 'S-VHS.' [FEARnet]

- 'Beautiful Creatures' vs. 'Twilight': Don't worry! We're not in for a repeat. [Moviefone]

- Ready for 'The Walking Dead' mid-season finale? Here's what to look out for. [Zap2It]

- Tisk, tisk, James Gunn. Why you gotta appear so sexist and homophobic? []

- The hills are alive with the sound of Carrie the 'Sound of Music.' []

- Did Tina Fey's real-life daughter cameo in '30 Rock'? [Vulture]

- Look how skinny Jared Leto got for 'Dallas Buyers Club.' [StarCrush]

- Ready for real-life 'Justice League' cars?! [GuySpeed]

- Did you know Heath Ledger could have been the Dark Knight under different circumstances? [Slash Film]

- Carl from 'The Walking Dead' has a new gig from Stephen King. [THR]

- And... This cab driver is the luckiest S.O.B. ever! [NextMovie]

DeLorean Taxi Cab

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