The Wrap Up: New 'Great Gatsby' Poster, and a Leaked 'Transformers 4' Script?

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ScreenCrush wraps up the day's events you might have missed. Today, we have a new trailer for Sam Worthington's latest gig 'Drift,' a new poster for 'The Great Gatsby,' the hysterical musings of "Film Snob Santa," and more! Plus... did the 'Transformers 4' script leak?

- 'Gangster Squad' director weighs in on the cut theater-shooting scene. [Moviefone]

- The latest reason women are weeping over sex symbol Channing Tatum. [NextMovie]

- WATCH: "Film Snob Santa" is criticizing your taste. []

- Which celeb is still waiting for her 'Glee' invite? [Zap2It]

- PICS: The cast of 'Smash' season 2. []

- TRAILER: Sam Worthington stars in the surfing movie 'Drift.' [Slash Film]

- Did the 'Transformers 4' script get leaked? [Collider]

- 'The Great Gatsby' poster is the first look at Isla Fisher. [Coming Soon]

- CASTING: Tom Hardy + Noomi Rapace in talks for 'Animal Rescue.' [Deadline]

- FIRST LOOK: Daniel Radcliffe and Dane Dehaan are in a movie together! [Sundance]

- CASTING: Aubrey Plaze + John C. Reilly to star in zombie comedy. [The Guardian]

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