ScreenCrush wraps up the latest in movies and TV you might have missed. Today, a new 'Gone Girl' TV spot shows more footage, the creator of Deadpool talks about the new movie, and 'London Has Fallen' loses its director right before production kicks off.



- The creator of Deadpool has chimed in about the upcoming movie adaptation. [Newsarama]

- 'Star Wars: Episode 8' director Rian Johnson chats about his work on the sequel. [The Talkhouse]

- Looking back on 'Gotham Central,' the comic series that inspired 'Gotham.' [Comics Alliance]


- 'London Has Fallen' is in need of a new director. [THR]

- The man behind the 'Fargo' TV series is spearheading a new Universal monsters movie. [Deadline]

- Angelina Jolie now wants to direct a movie about African poachers. [Coming Soon]

- The lead in the 'Pete's Dragon' remake has been cast. [Variety]

- Stan Lee's cameo in 'Avengers 2' is one worth waiting for.


- 'The Flash' releases two more TV spots to get you hyped for the premiere.

- Check out Rocket Raccoon's debut in Disney Infinite.