ScreenCrush wraps up the latest in movies and TV you might have missed. Today, figure out what the heck 'Divergent' is about, listen to Matt Damon defend Ben Affleck's Batman and watch new clips from 'Riddick.'

- Learn about the world of 'Divergent' with this featurette.

- A look at the artist who changed movie posters forever. []

- Matt Damon stands up for Ben Affleck as Batman. [Next Movie]

- 7 ways to race against time in the movies. [Moviefone]

- The 10 most abused video game characters. [Arcade Sushi]

- An extended edition of 'Argo' is coming to DVD. [Coming Soon]

- Check out a new international trailer for '47 Ronin.'

- 10 people who guest starred as themselves on sitcoms. [TheFW]

- Two new clips for 'Riddick' have arrived.

- 15 photos of celebrities having a better vacation than you. [StarCrush]

- Hugh Jackman just wants his son back in the new TV spot and clip for 'Prisoners.'

- 10 signs that you actually watch 'Suits.' [GuySpeed]

- This 'Riddick' IMAX poster is pretty cool.


- Here's the first poster for 'How I Live Now.'