ScreenCrush wraps up the latest in movies and TV you might have missed. Today, check out the 8-bit versions of your favorite movies, watch the music video for that catchy song from 'The LEGO Movie,' and get your first look at Pierce Brosnan's return to action movies.

- Check out classic movie shots compared to their 8-bit video game versions. [Arcade Sushi]

- The stupidly catchy song from 'The LEGO Movie' has a music video now:

- Idris Elba and Sam Worthington joined 'Alive Alone.' [THR]

- The Rabbids are jumping from video games to the movies. [Deadline]

- Pierce Brosnan looks cool walking away from explosions in the first look at 'November Man.'

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- Here are the latest movie toys you'll want to have on your shelves... [Comics Alliance]

- Director Jaume Collet-Serra talks about his vision for 'Akira.' [Coming Soon]

- Ron Howard will direct the drug-smuggling thriller 'Mena.' [Deadline]

- Everyone loves 'The LEGO Movie' ... except Fox News:

- If you go see 'RoboCop' in IMAX, you'll get a '300: Rise of an Empire' sneak peek. [First Showing]

- This LEGO X-Men mansion needs to be a thing that happens. [LEGO]

- Here's the creepy poster for 'Under the Skin,' starring Scarlett Johansson.