ScreenCrush wraps up the latest movie and TV bits you might have missed. Today, relive the amazing awfulness of 'Sharknado' with some GIFs, get your first look at Johnny Depp in 'Transcendence,' and learn what Jason Clarke and Chloe Moretz are up to.

- The best of Syfy's ludicrous 'Sharknado' ... in GIF form! [StarCrush]

- Dig into the warped gender politics of 'Grown Ups 2.' []

- The 13 most jaw-dropping special-effect shots in movie history. [Moviefone]

- 10 classic movies in Emoji form. [Next Movie]

- Who would be cast in a Plants vs. Zombies movie? [Arcade Sushi]

- Take a look at Johnny Depp on the set of Wall Pfister's sci-fi thriller 'Transcendence.'


- And while you're here, the first on-set footage from 'Transcendence' has arrived, as well:

- Jason Clarke may join Tom Hardy in 'Child 44.' [THR]

- These GIFs will make you fall in love with Aubrey Plaza. [TheFW]

- Peter Jackson says that Martin Freeman has finished filming on 'The Hobbit. [Facebook]

- The latest trailer for 'Planes' should excite your children and annoy you.

- How the destruction in 'Pacific Rim' is different than any other blockbuster this summer. [The Dissolve]

- 'Futurama' fans will be pleased to know that their beloved show will continue on in the comic-book world. [Comics Alliance]

- Chloe Moretz is set to star in 'If I Stay.' [Deadline]

- Here's the new poster for 'Hell Baby,' because why not?


- And finally, Alicia Vikander has her own character poster for 'Seventh Son.'

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