The Wrap Up: 'Star Wars Episode 7' Gains Another 'Star Trek' Veteran


ScreenCrush wraps up the latest in movies and TV you might have missed. Today, discover which 'Star Trek' crew member is heading to a galaxy far far away, learn where 'Fast and Furious 7' will return and listen to Toby Jones tease 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier.'

- 'Star Trek's costume designer will re-team with JJ Abrams for 'Star Wars Episode 7.' [Yahoo! Movies]

- 10 things you didn't know about the 'Hangover' trilogy. [Moviefone]

- What really happened at the end of your favorite movies? [Next Movie]

- All 17 of the great Richard Linklater's films, ranked and discussed! []

- Check out some of the weirdest retro video game commercials of all time! [Arcade Sushi]

- Vin Diesel promises that 'Fast and Furious 7' will return to Los Angeles. [Variety]

- How does Melissa McCarthy deal with bad behavior on a film set? [StarCrush]

- Another new 'Monsters University' trailer has arrived! [Apple Trailers]

- It may not be a real reunion special, but this will please many 'Friends' fans. [The FW]

- Toby Jones promises fans will love how Arnim Zola returns in 'Captain America: The Winter Solider.' [Coming Soon]

- Remember the pain of these extremely difficult video game boss fights. [Guy Speed]

- Because the world is a cruel and unfair place, here is the new trailer for 'Grown Ups 2':

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