Some gameplay of Thief has debuted, giving us a brief look at Garrett's adventures in sneak-thievery.

The video was shown during a Square Enix presentation at E3. In the video, we see Garrett using the shadows to his advantage to get a drop on his enemies while looking for a relic called "The Heart of the Lion."

Since Garrett is a thief, he must use darkness to keep himself hidden. Thankfully, there is a light crystal on the bottom-left corner of the screen that shows how visible he is at any given moment. Torches litter the grounds, lighting up areas around them and making it difficult for Garret to maneuver. To remedy this, Garrett can equip water arrows that douse flames, making it easier for him to stay in the dark.

Garrett also has a Focus ability that helps him aim better, making headshots easier to manage. And of course, what would a thief be without a little pickpocketing action? A simple swipe at a guard's rear-end and Garrett is rewarded with a coin purse.

Ultimately, the gameplay video didn't offer anything new when it comes to stealth gameplay. If you've played Dishonored, or any kind of thief character in the Elder Scrolls games, then you'll be familiar with this type of gameplay. But Thief seems to have taken everything great about those stealth games and fine-tuned them. Of course, the end result remains to be seen.

Check out the gameplay above, as well as a brief interview, and then let us know what you think about Garrett's clandestine jaunts in the night.