Every Marvel movie, from 'Captain America' to 'The Avengers,' always has that epic showdown between the hero and villain, and 'Thor 2' is no different. The latest clip from the Asgardian's next solo adventure, hitting US theaters this Friday, previews the showdown between Thor and Malekith the Accursed.

Played by Christopher Eccleston, Malekith is the leader of the Dark Elves, who have returned to plunge the universe into darkness and reclaim their former glory. In the comics, the villain was known to wield sorcery, which seems to be his primary offensive weapon in the latest 'Thor 2' clip, as he battles with the god of thunder across the Nine Realms -- literally! As spoiled a bit in the latest batch of images, Malekith is able to open portals to various worlds of Asgard, proving to be a bit of a hassle for our hero.

In addition to this latest preview, the folks from Mondo have shelled out yet another impressive poster for 'Thor: The Dark World.' Debuted by Rolling Stone, this new design was created by Ken Taylor and goes on sale Thursday. "There's a limited reference for Asgard unless you're looking at the first film," said Taylor. "[Marvel] provided some reference material, but they were very open to what I wanted to do."

Take a look at the new 'Thor 2' Mondo poster below, as well as the epic clash between Thor and Malekith above.