"Well, 'small markets'? I did Omaha."

You probably know comedian T.J. Miller from his (extremely varied) film work, thanks to roles in 'Transformers 4' and even a big turn in that 'Yogi Bear' movie, but Miller is also a prolific touring stand-up performer, and he relishes his time on the road. Oh, not just for the actual shows -- sure, they're great -- but for some of the marketing he has to do to get the word out. We're talking morning shows, people. Small market morning shows.

Miller hit 'Conan' last night to talk a little about his touring life and the small bits of "performance art" that comprise his myriad morning shows appearances. Fortunately for everyone involved, host Conan O'Brien had prepared a supercut of some of Miller's best work. This man is a national treasure.