Trailer for 'Lola Versus' Shows Greta Gerwig in Rom-Com Mode

Fox Searchlight
Fox Searchlight

Greta Gerwig is an indie darling, currently the 21st century's Parker Posey. This year - having graduated from the "mumblecore" set of indie filmmakers, she's in Whit Stilman's 'Damsels in Distress,' Woody Allen's 'To Rome With Love' and now 'Lola Versus' for Daryl Wein for which you can check out the trailer...

Look, we love Gerwig, and think she's got a great on screen personality and was transcendent in 'Greenberg,' but this sort of by-the-numbers romantic comedy seems beneath her. This is a Fox Searchlight film, but when you watch the trailer it feels like the sort of movie that Jennifer Aniston made in the mid-90's. Perhaps that's just how the trailer is cut, which emphasizes the lame physical humor of the piece. Perhaps Wein and co-writer Zoe Lister Jones throw more interesting curveballs into this film about a young displaced New Yorker who tries to find love again.

Then again, this trailer is like a collection of romantic comedy cliches, with the dumping scene and Gerwig constantly eating. These sorts of films - if they are as bad as they look - are damaging to the actress, and though Gerwig didn't really get any blame for last year's 'Arthur' remake not working (she was easily the best part of the film), this one is on her shoulders.

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