The new 'Trance' trailer features James McAvoy and Rosario Dawson in what's probably the most trippy piece of footage we've seen yet from the film. There's hypnotism, hallucinations, a distractingly beautiful Dawson and, most disorienting of all, dubstep.

We might just have a new mini trailer trend on our hands in terms of music. As experienced in the trailers for 'Spring Breakers,' when filmmakers want to convey hallucinations or being high off your ass, they turn to dubstep. The same goes for this new trailer for Danny Boyle's 'Trance.'

In the film, McAvoy continues his action movie streak by playing a fine art auctioneer who teams up with a bunch of criminals to steal a valuable painting. Things fall apart, however, when he suffers a blow to the head and can't for the life of him (literally -- there are physical threats involved) remember where he stashed the piece. So Rosario Dawson's hypnotherapist character steps in to try and pull the information right out of his head, but the lines between reality and suggestion quickly blur together in a haze of dubstep as she slowly unravels his subconscious mind.

Sounds trippy, right? Well, the new trailer is even more disorienting, as it's a perfect partner for that poster released a while back. I.e. those with a history of seizures and/or vertigo should probably refrain from watching. (We're joking...just a little.)