The fifth season of ‘True Blood‘ is heating up with everything literally at stake, as the hunt for Russell Edgington intensifies and more and more supernatural factions join the fray, as in last week's “We'll Meet Again.”  So before ‘True Blood’ gushes out its fifth episode “Let's Boot and Rally” this Sunday July 8, how would you like an early taste?

With Tara growing more and more accepting of her new-found vampirism, deposed King Russell Edgington still recuperating out on the loose somewhere while Bill and Eric Compton investigate a heartbeat away from the true death, ‘True Blood’ season five has hit full swing as we head into the fifth episode.  But with Bill and Eric's time running out, while Tara's immortality provides all the time in the world, how are we supposed to deal with the wait until Sunday's "Let's Boot and Rally?"  With new clips, of course!

The first clip from Sunday's episode below finds Jessica slowly changing Tara's mind about her new-found curse, reminding her just how blood-boiling the concept of immortality can be.  And with Tara seemingly having taken a job in Fangtasia as the new bartender, will she reject her old life and friends entirely?

The second clip from "Let's Boot and Rally" sees Bill and Eric's search for Russell Edgington intensifying, as they learn from cute-as-a-button vampire Molly (Tina Majorino) that their "iStakes" are set to be triggered at dawn if they don't make progress in their hunt!  Surely 'True Blood' wouldn't turn two of its biggest draws into exploding piles of goop, right?

Watch the clips below, be sure to catch ‘True Blood’ season 5′s fifth episode “Let's Boot and Rally” this Sunday on HBO, and let us know what you think in the comments!