May we have your attention please?  'True Blood' is a TV show.  This Sunday, June 10, 'True Blood' will premiere the fifth season of said TV show.  There are vampires.  There are boobs.  There are shirtless men, and things will happen involving all three of those.  With all of that laid out for you on a nice silver platter (keeping the silver away from any vampires), we humbly invite you to watch several promos where in the things we have listed happen.

On an additional note, boobs.  Thank you.

Ready to keep the blood gushing after last week's epic (yet tragic in its finality) 'Game of Thrones' episode "Valar Morghulis?"  Good news!  There are only two more days until the fifth season of 'True Blood' debuts, which is sure to contain even more sex and gore than any that can be found this side of Westeros.  But all kidding aside, this season of 'True Blood' will definitely belong to the ladies.

Check out two brand new promos below of Bill Compton's progeny Jessica Hammy (Deborah Anne Woll) thanking the maker, as well as Pam (Kristin Bauer) thanking her maker Eric.  We've seen the first couple of episodes, and trust us, what it means to be a maker is going to be a very important part of the coming season.

Afterward, watch as the lovely Jessica teases that we're just two days away from the season premiere!  Check out the videos, and tell us what you think of season 5 of 'True Blood' in the comments below!