Boy does that sound dirty, coming from 'True Blood' news.  In any case, you might have been wondering what 'True Blood' season 5's promotional campaign for the June 10 premiere might do differently from last year, and rather than acknowledging how much "Waiting Sucks," now the first season 5 poster and tagline have a much more active way of making sure you stay dry.

Someone at 'True Blood' has apparently been taking lessons from the 'Game of Thrones' people, taking a less-is-more approach to the promotional posters.  Our first real look at season 5 doesn't need any telling spoilers, shirtless vampires or Bon Temps babes, just a simple message for thirsty viewers; Don't cry, the 'True Blood' season 5 poster is here!

While those reading should beware spoilers, when last we left ‘True Blood’ at the end of season 4′s “And When I Die”, a number of mysteries were still afoot.  Who set loose Russell Edgington from his concrete tomb?  Who’s going to clean Tara’s brains off the wall?  And who sired Steve Newlin?  The poster answers absolutely none of those questions, but still sure is pretty!

In any case, its better to move away from re-using the "Waiting Sucks" campaign,  as the previous tease between Sam Merlotte and Luna also felt horribly familiar to one we’d seen a year ago, while prior to that was the engaging look at what part Scott Foley will play in the new season.  And what of Pam and Eric?

Check out the bloody new poster for 'True Blood' season 5 below, and tell us in the comments what you're most excited to see when season 5 premieres on Sunday June 10 on HBO!