'True Blood' Unleashes Extremely Familiar New Season 5 Teaser


We knew it when season four of 'True Blood' was on its way, just as we know it to be true with season 5 nearly arrived: waiting sucks.  And as much as we appreciate HBO's efforts to tantalize us with scraps of new footage and scenes from the new summer season, there's something horribly familiar about this latest clip...

When last we left Sam Merlotte and his shifter girlfriend Luna in season 4, they'd taken care of Luna's ex Marcus, and Sam himself seemed to take some solace from the death of his brother Tommy in Maxine Fortenberry, but for now it seemed like the danger had abated.  Now, judging from the latest clip of filming from 'True Blood's fifth season, danger seems to be a-knocking on their door!

Of course, those who remember the promotional campaign for season 4 of 'True Blood' might have themselves a bit of deja vu when watching the below clip, given the extremely similar composition of our first glimpse between Sam and Luna one year ago.  And it's not like HBO simply recycled the same "Waiting Sucks" tagline for this year, right?  Wait, they did?  Huh.

The last behind-the-scenes look from ‘True Blood’s’ fifth season was our best yet, giving some real clues into one of the more intriguing threads left dangling last year, highlighting the story of Terry Bellefleur and his former superior Patrick (Scott Foley), but there's no such thing as unwelcome new footage!  So who do you think looks to be menacing Sam and Luna this year, and what might of happened to the group of people she weeps for in the video?

Watch the brand new clip below, and then watch last year's for comparison!  Give us your theories in the comments, and don't forget to check out the all-new season of 'True Blood' when it debuts on Sunday, June 10 on HBO!

And now, for comparison...

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