Early yesterday morning, 'Two and a Half Men' and child actor Angus T. Jones fans alike were shocked to hear that the one-time chubby-cheeked actor had publicly renounced his affiliation with the long-running CBS sitcom, urging viewers to stop watching as a "testimony" to his new-found association with religious movement "Forerunner Chronicles."  While the studio bigwigs and Jones' cast-mates have yet to issue any kind of public response, production is set to resume on the CBS series today.  Will Jones even show up for his contracted gig, or continue burning the bridge?

Crisis continues on the set of 'Two and a Half Men' today, as new reports indicate that a potential rehearsal may not be attended by series star Angus T. Jones, following yesterday's public denouncement of the series as "filth" the actor urged viewers not to watch.  TMZ reports that neither series creator Chuck Lorre nor Warner Bros. itself has issued any kind of public response to Jones' fervent "Forerunner" rants, but are instead taking a measured approach to see what the actor does next.

Jones may not be required for an upcoming rehearsal, though should he be pressed to honor his current $350,000 an episode contract, not showing up for the rehearsal could be seen as a first step toward being fired.  'Two and a Half Men' continued to find success replacing Charlie Sheen in the lead with Ashton Kutcher, though it seems unlikely the show would continue into an eleventh season replacing yet another of its original stars.

What do you think?  Has Angus T. Jones officially ruined his standing as a reliable actor, or will the 'Two and a Half Men' star continue with his current contract?  Give us you reactions in the comments!