It’s apparently time for ‘Fast and Furious’ star Tyrese Gibson to start headlining his very own action movies just like his buddy Dwayne Johnson, so that’s just what he’s going to do. Universal has acquired a spec script from Gibson and Mike Le called ‘Desert Eagle,’ which Gibson will star in, naturally.

Deadline reports that Universal has optioned the script for ‘Desert Eagle’ (a very ‘80s title), and hired Matthew Stuecken and Josh Campbell, the screenwriting pair behind the upcoming remake of Daniel Espinosa’s ‘Snabba Cash’ to rewrite the screenplay by Gibson and Le. Le previously wrote the Black List script ‘Patient Zero.’

‘Desert Eagle’ centers on a pair of border patrol agents who set out to investigate a notorious cartel, which is using a Native American casino as its base of operations. In addition to having a retro title, ‘Desert Eagle’ also appears to have a very retro concept, which is pretty interesting.

In addition to starring in the upcoming action flick, Gibson will also executive produce the film, which hasn’t hired a director just yet. Gibson can be seen next in ‘Furious 7,’ reprising the role of Roman Pierce. He’ll also star in the upcoming Antoine Fuqua film ‘Southpaw’ with a very ripped Jake Gyllenhaal, and in ‘Ride Along 2’ with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

‘Furious 7' hits theaters on April 3.