Ubisoft Introduces Child of Light to the World


During a GDC Europe conference this week, Ubisoft announced a new downloadable game called Child of Light from the creative director of Far Cry 3.

According to Videogamer, Child of Light is being developed on the Rayman Origins engine. Ubisoft described the game as a "fairytale game" which it hoped would capture the "Squaresoft spirit" of titles like Final Fantasy 7 and Vagrant Story.

Creative director Patrick Plourde dubbed it a "playable poem," which he saw as the "counter-point" to Far Cry 3. There were no platforms or concrete release dates announced, but Plourde believed the game was a next-gen IP, and could see release by the end of 2013.

IGN was also on hand at the event, and managed to capture a bit of Child of Light in action. Take a look, and let us know what you think.


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