10 years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash. Now we can’t even seem to get a Steve Jobs biopic (or at least the latest Steve Jobs biopic, after 2013’s ‘Jobs’) off the ground. The world is going to crap.

Sony developed a Jobs film for months and months, brought in Danny Boyle to direct Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay, but then suddenly put the project in turnaround, essentially letting the filmmakers take it elsewhere. And, in fact, they have; Variety reports that less than a week after Sony dropped Boyle’s Jobs film, Universal has picked it up for U.S. release.

There’s not a ton of new news beyond that key point; Michael Fassbender is the latest and current name attached to play the late Apple executive (after Christian Bale came and went from the movie), while Seth Rogen is still “in talks” to co-star as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Sorkin’s script hasn’t changed; the film still apparently follows Jobs through just three lengthy scenes, each set around a different Apple product launch. Sorkin also recently revealed that Jobs’ daughter would serves as the “heroine” of the film, although that part hasn’t been cast yet.

Sony has offered no information or explanation why they dropped the project, although I always thought it a little odd that Sony, one of Apple’s biggest competitors in the tech realm, would make a movie about the life of their biggest rival. Would Burger King make a movie about the life and times of Ronald McDonald? I mean they might, but it probably wouldn’t be a very flattering biography.