Unused BioShock Movie Concept Art Surfaces

Tim Flattery

Wonder what the Big Daddy or Rapture would have looked like in the BioShock movie that never was? Pretty much just like they did in the game if this concept art is to be believed.

The folks over at Comic Book Movie unearthed some concept art from Tim Flattery, a designer who apparently had been working on the film adaptation of Irrational's BioShock before the movie was banished to development purgatory. Flattery's work mostly consists of Big Daddies and Bathyspheres, and for the most part, they look identical to what you remember from the first game. The most radical departure appears in the Eve needles, but that's such a minor change, it's certainly not worth getting all bothered about.

Regardless, Flattery's work will likely never see the light of day on film now, as the version he was working on probably won't match up with whatever the next director wants to do with the project. That is, if 'BioShock' can ever get back off the ground. In the meantime, check out some images of Flattery's work here, then head over to his portfolio for even more sneak peeks at what could have been.

Tim Flattery
Tim Flattery
Tim Flattery
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