Movie-Themed Valentine's Day Cards For the Nerd Love of Your Life


Today is Valentine's Day and you know what that means: scrambling around at the last minute to make sure you've got something for your significant other. If you're like us, you may need a little help today to make sure you've got everything you need. And we're here to help! If your love is a movie fan, you're in luck because we've got a host of movie-themed valentine's cards - from 'Star Wars' to 'Star Trek' to even 'Jurassic Park' - that you can send to show how much you love them.

Some of these cards below you can just save and e-mail (or post on your Facebook page) and some you can click the link below the title to order actual prints from the card's designer (an actual card in the internet age?!). Either way, it's a quick way to spread some love to your fellow movie fan on Valentine's Day. Enjoy!

  • 1

    Darth Vader Valentine

  • 2

    Death Star Valentine

    Dingbat Press

  • 3

    Han Solo Valentine

    Dingbat Press

  • 4

    Princess Leia Valentine

    Dingbat Press

  • 5

    'Goonies' Valentine

    Seas and Peas

  • 6

    Harry Potter Valentines


  • 7

    'RoboCop' Valentine

    Cool Material

  • 8

    'The Walking Dead' Valentines


  • 9

    'Back to the Future' Valentine

    Brea Vie

  • 10

    'Back to the Future' Valentine

    Brittany Moser

  • 11

    'Star Trek' Valentine

  • 12

    'Jurassic Park' Valentine

  • 13

    Temple of Doom Valentine

  • 14

    'Star Trek' Valentine

  • 15

    'Aliens. vs. Predator' Valentine

    Nicole Sloan

  • 16

    X-Men Valentine

    Anthony Petrie

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