We'd already heard the good news that History's period epic 'Vikings' had officially been picked up for a third season, but now real history buffs have yet another reason to celebrate. Joining the 'Vikings' in season 3 will be 'LOST' and 'The Strain' star Kevin Durand in a magical new role, as well as 'The Tudors' star Lothaire Bluteau as Emperor Charles of France, among others.

According to the History network, Bluteau's Emperor Charles will emerge as a powerful man who views battling the Vikings as spiritual and earthly, while Durand will play "The Wanderer," a mysterious man who is not what he seems. Additionally, 'The Ghost''s Morgane Polanski (Roman's daughter) will play Charles' elegant, self-possessed and wise daughter Princess Gisla, while Ben Robson has also joined the new season in the role of Kalf, Lagertha’s trusted second in command.

For those unfamiliar with the series, History’s ‘Vikings’ features ‘World of Warcraft‘ star Travis Fimmel in the role of legendary historical figure Ragnar Lothbrok, along with Clive Standen as his brother Rollo, and Gustaf Skarsgard as the ship-building Floki. The cast also features George Blagden as Athelstan, Jessalyn Gilsig as Siggy, Alyssa Sutherland as Princess Aslaug, and Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha. Along with ‘The Hunger Games’ star Alexander Ludwig’s casting as an elder Bjorn, ‘Vikings’ season 2 introduced ‘Batman Begins‘ star Linus Roache as King Ecbert of Wessex.

Durand in particular always makes for memorable roles, but what say you? Is 'Vikings' season 3 shaping up to be the biggest yet? What do you hope we'll learn and see from the 'Vikings' at Comic-Con 2014?