October seems like an absurdly long wait for fresh 'Walking Dead' episodes on AMC, but all good seasons must come to a close sooner or later.  That's why our zombie blood keeps pumping for Telltale Games' upcoming video game adaptation of the Robert Kirkman comics, hungry for every new taste we get!

Telltale Games' development blog "Playing Dead" continues charting the development of their upcoming video game adaptation of 'The Walking Dead,' with us hungry fans reaping all the benefits!  We've seen a few trailers and artwork, but the real question left to explore is how the game itself plays, whether in the quiet moments trapped inside a pharmacy, or fending off hordes of the undead while trying to keep your fellow man alive!

Thankfully, the latest video blog entry features our first look at actual in-game footage, as well as continued interviews with 'The Walking Dead' creator Robert Kirkman to flesh out what this new game brings to the table.  In the footage, you'll see a number of elements both strange and familiar, from the interaction with the young Clementine character to a trip to Hershel Greene's farm!  Especially intriguing is the presence of Hershel's son Shawn, who those familiar with the comics know - SPOILER ALERT - was already a walking corpse inside Hershel's barn by the time Rick Grimes and his group arrived.  Might we see that incident take place?  And how will players get to take down walkers in real time?

As we’ve mentioned before, the game follows escaped convict Lee Everett, an original character created specifically for the game’s story, weaving a parallel tale to the Robert Kirkman comic series, and utilizing designs based on Charlie Adlard’s art.  The game draws its inspiration more from of the Image Comics ‘Walking Dead’ than the AMC incarnation, but includes several familiar characters to fans of either medium, such as Glenn, Hershel, and eventually Rick Grimes himself.  Also along for the ride is young Clementine, an orphaned girl Lee encounters along the way and who behaves differently based on the actions taken by the player.

The first installment of Telltale Games' 'The Walking Dead' will be available for purchase / play some time in April, but in the meantime you can check out the interview with Robert Kirkman, or skip directly to the 7:00 minute mark for a taste of the game itself!  Additional footage unfolds around the 11:50 mark, so check it out and tell us what you thought in the comments below!