Last night saw 'Dexter' manning the premiere of his seventh season on Showtime, finally addressing the shocking season 6 twist ending that saw his brother Deb walking in mid-kill and exposing her brother's secret to the newly-minted Miami Metro Lieutenant.  But now that season 7 premiere "Are You...?" has brought with it even more twists and challenges for our favorite serial killer, how will season 7 go on?  Watch the full season premiere, and clips from the future right here to find out!

Though it's missing some of its family-friendly nudity, 'Dexter's' seventh season premiere has made it way online courtesy of Showtime.  Finally, the wait is over for fans of the long-running Showtime series to learn what Deb would do with the knowledge that her brother kills people in his spare time, but what new twists are in store?  Watch the episode below in its entirety to find out!

After you check out the episode, you can also get a sneak peek at the upcoming episodes of 'Dexter,' which tease a whole new world of danger for our favorite serial killer, and especially now his sister.  Check out both clips below, read our review of the premiere, and tell us what you think in the comments!