Until now, we'd only heard about how the multiplayer would work in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs. With this leaked trailer, we can see just how other outside players will affect the game.

The video comes courtesy of AllGamesBeta, and gives us a view of two different ways multiplayer can take place in Watch Dogs. In the first scenario, another player is attempting to hack Aiden. You'll have to track the hacker down in the crowd, and prevent him from hacking your goods.

In the second scenario, Aiden must find another player, and hack him. You have to remain undetected, and can't let the download be stopped when and if you're found out. Even if you're spotted, you'll have to make a quick getaway, or potentially shoot it out with the other player.

The footage above is very brief, but at least now we know a bit more about how the multiplayer will work with Ubi's new IP. We hope there's a bit more to it when Watch Dogs finally comes out, but as long as these side-missions are not a major distraction, we can see ourselves attempting more than a few.