Watch the Trailer for The Dark Knight LEGO


Have you watched the trailer for 'The Dark Knight Rises' about 4,000 times now and are looking for something new to whet your appetite? It's a long time until July, so you might as well watch it again...but this time in LEGO!

A company called ParanickFilmz has used a skillful blend of real LEGO pieces and CG animation to recreate the trailer for Christopher Nolan's third Batman film shot for shot, using the actual audio from the real trailer -- which means that Bane's filtered voice remains intact.

It's actually a pretty amazing little piece of craftsmanship, and as Slashfilm points out, shows how a full-length film done with LEGO might actually work (and yes, there is one in development).

Meanwhile, enjoy this video while we wait for the next real 'Dark Knight Rises' trailer -- which we're hoping shows up sometime before the movie opens on July 20th.

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