We love Alison Brie as the too-adorable Annie on 'Community' and the equally charming Trudy on 'Mad Men,' but in today's Way Back When, we check out what Brie was up to before she hit it big.

'Hannah Montana'

Alison Brie's first acting gig was a 2006 episode of the Disney show 'Hannah Montana,' starring Miley Cyrus. In this episode, a couple of tween boys try to land a date with her, but she thinks they're just cute little boys and wants to give them candy. Brie totally gives off that Disney princess vibe, making her fit in really well with the hyper-saccharine nature of Disney programming.


In this 2007 horror flick, Alison Brie plays a 21-year-old virgin who wakes up pregnant with a demon baby. But then! She makes out with another woman! You can watch that scene below. It's also worth noting that her character gets naked in the film, but they allegedly used a body double. Sorry guys, no naked Alison Brie for you. Still, you're welcome to enjoy Brie making out with a lady even though she has a giant fake pregnant belly and that could be very awkward for you. Unless you're into that kind of thing. No judgment here.

'My Alibi'

This 2008 series of shorts followed a group of high school students confined to a detention room until one of them confesses to pulling a prank on the school. Brie played the character of Rebecca Fuller, a brown-nosing, goody two-shoes smart girl who the fellow students accuse of pulling the prank in the clip below. It's not very funny, but at least it made her transition to the Greendale Community College that much easier, we think?

'Raspberry Magic'

Though Brie has been on 'Mad Men' since 2007 and 'Community' since 2009, she was still taking jobs in lesser movies, like this ridiculous one called 'Raspberry Magic,' which you can apparently watch for free on Hulu (because of course you can). In the movie, a little girl thinks that human touch can accelerate plant growth and tests her theory on a raspberry plant. Alison Brie plays a teacher, from what we can gather from the trailer below: