We are all obsessed with Channing Tatum -- the guy appeals to men and women alike with his magnetic screen presence and charisma, but back before he was 'Magic Mike' or dancing in those 'Step Up' movies, you might have missed Tatum in these earlier roles.

Pepsi Commercial

Channing Tatum (or C-Tates, as we like to call him) got his start as most actors do, with small roles in commercials, like this one for Pepsi. In it, Tatum plays a DJ with the power to rewind unfortunate moments with his turntables, like when a waitress walks by with a Pepsi and he isn't able to grab it in time. No worries, bro, just rewind that moment and grab your Pepsi because yeah, people at a dance club are all about Pepsi and having a wholesome time.

Mountain Dew Commercial

And Tatum followed up his Pepsi performance with one for Mountain Dew, in this commercial where he's living fast and has no time for the law, man. You know, because Mountain Dew is all about being edgy and pushing the boundaries of acceptable behavior or whatever. So Tatum forgets his Mountain Dew on the hood of someone else's car and drives all fast and furiously to go get it, flipping his car upside down and grabbing it from some slacker's hand while a Hoobastank song plays. And yeah, Hoobastank is what we think of when we think of Mountain Dew, so this is appropriately stupid:

'Coach Carter'

Tatum's first film role was in the 2005 movie 'Coach Carter,' starring Samuel L. Jackson as a no-nonsense coach that comes in to set a high school basketball team straight, hoping to inspire and enrich their lives and then a Tupac song plays and everyone learns a valuable lesson about commitment.


Oh boy, there's a reason we all forgot this movie existed. Tatum had a small part in the 2005 extreme sports film 'Supercross,' about two underdog brothers who sign up for a dangerous motocross race. Yes, that is the plot. No, we are not kidding. Notice Tatum in the trailer, who gets to utter the famous cheesy action flick line of "They're in over their heads."

'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints' NSFW

Tatum had better luck in the 2006 film 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints,' starring Robert Downey Jr., Rosario Dawson, and Shia LaBeouf. In the film, Tatum plays a young Antonio in the story of a guy growing up in New York in the 80s, whose friends end up on drugs, in jail, or dead. You can check him out with LaBeouf in the clip below: