Neil Gaiman, storyteller extraordinaire, is set to work on Wayward Manor, his first video game ever, with the help of The Odd Gentlemen and Moonshark. 

Wayward Manor will feature a tale set in a 1920s Victorian Gothic pastoral estate. in which a new family called the Budds has taken up residence. You will play the part of a specter who must must scare away the family after he learns more about them, himself and an unknown danger waiting in the wings.

The Odd Gentlemen and Moonshark are partnering with Gaiman in order to bring this story to life in the form of a video game for PC, Mac and mobile devices. To that end, they need a little help.

The game's site acts sort of like crowdsourcing fundraiser, much like many Kickstarter campaigns. There are several tiers for you to peruse and, should you offer your money, from which you can choose different rewards.

Tiers range from $10, which gets you a digital copy of Wayward Manor, all the way to $10,000, which gets you a spooky dinner with Neil Gaiman in Los Angeles.

Let us know what you think of Gaiman's new endeavor and whether or not it interests you.