Over the past two decades, the story of the West Memphis Three has become the definitive example of miscarriage of justice in the United States legal system. In fact, the wrongful conviction of Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr and Jason Baldwin for the murder of three young boys in 1994 has already been extensively chronicled in the 'Paradise Lost' trilogy of documentaries (the third of which premiered last year), which actually helped get their case overturned. However, 'West of Memphis,' a new documentary covering the entire case, is set to arrive in theaters this Christmas after an extensive festival run. Check out the poster and trailer below.

While the 'Paradise Lost' films were scrappy activist efforts, 'West of Memphis' is a prestige project all the way. The poster (which is absolutely stunning) has all of the evidence you need on that front, with the Big White Letters proclaiming "Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh Present." You know a documentary is a big deal when two of the key creative minds behind the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy are involved. Then there's the director, Amy Berg, who was nominated for an Oscar in2007 for her terrifying and disturbing documentary 'Deliver Us From Evil.'

Is this the frontrunner for the Best Documentary Academy Award? Very possibly.

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