With 'The Wolverine' currently in theaters, all eyes are on Marvel's indestructible X-Man and his iconic claws. Although the berserking mutant warrior has always appeared as a squat, hairy Canadian grump on the page and as an astoundingly fit, hairy Australian Hugh Jackman on the screen, the cosplay world doesn't care about boundaries. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the female Wolverine!

For her take on the tough-as-nails superhero, cosplayer Lisa Marie went the cinematic route, ignoring Wolverine's classic, yellow tights in favor of a bloodstained tank top that wouldn't look out of place on Jackman. Like any cosplayer with an eye for detail, she wears a pair of dog tags, which as you'll surely remember, gave the amnesic Wolverine the only clue to his identity in the first few films.

Oh, and she's got the claws down. Because what's the point of cosplaying as Wolverine if you can't build some convincing claws?

Hailing from England, the 22-year-old Lisa Marie is a bonafide geek with a particular love for Harry Potter and 'Doctor Who.' Her Facebook and Tumblr pages feature not only her musings on nerd culture, but countless additional cosplay shoots, where she portrays everyone from Lara Croft to a female take on Marvel's Hawkeye.

Shinigami Photography
Lisa Marie Cosplay