'Wolverine' Posters Feature Yukio and the Venomous Viper

20th Century Fox

Good news, Wolverine fans! 20th Century Fox announced a new trailer will be hitting the airwaves tomorrow (Tuesday, May 21) at 6 AM PST. In anticipation of this event, the studio released a couple new posters!

Surprisingly not coming from 'The Wolverine' director James Mangold's active Twitter account, these new posters highlight two of the superhero film's female leads. First up is the butt-kicking Yukio wielding her weapon of choice. She's followed closely by the deadly villain Viper, but both are getting that Japanese scroll-style look with which Fox endowed the previous Wolverine and Silver Samurai character one-sheets.

'The Wolverine' hits theaters July 26, and from the looks of the first two trailers, we can't yet foresee if it'll be an adrenaline-pumping adventure worthy of the comic book character, or another flop like 'X-Men Origins.' This new adventure sees Logan traversing to modern-day Japan at the behest of one of the men our hero saved years prior. Once there, he'll be pushed to his physical and emotional limits as he faces new and more lethal opponents than he's ever faced before.

See the new 'Wolverine' posters below and check back here Tuesday morning for the brand-new trailer.

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox
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