While Marvel still figures out if and when they're going to make a female-led superhero movie, DC at least has them beat in that area. While Warner Bros. struggles to catch up to the established 'Avengers' universe with their upcoming slate of 'Justice League' movies, they've at least got Marvel beat with the announcement of a solo 'Wonder Woman' movie. Starring Gal Gadot, the film is scheduled to open in theaters in 2017. But, one thing everyone was keeping a close eye on (ourselves included) was whether the 'Wonder Woman' movie would actually commit to a female director. Now, we can rest easy as word comes that Warner Bros. is specifically looking to a woman for the job.

The note is buried in a column on The Hollywood Reporter, essentially acting as a guide to the upcoming superhero slate. Regarding the job search for some of the 'Justice League' spinoff movies, THR notes that the studio is "seeking a female helmer for Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman."

It's weird that this is news, because duh, obviously you should have a woman directing a 'Wonder Woman' movie. As our own Britt Hayes wrote in her Reel Women column:

We don’t need a ‘Wonder Woman’ film made by men. We don’t need the story of a female superhero told from the male perspective. There have been more than enough superhero — and non-superhero — stories told from this perspective. Given that this is a film that focuses on Wonder Woman, it needs the female perspective. Out of all of the WB superheroes, there is only one female hero: Wonder Woman. In a man’s world, she stands alongside her male peers to fight injustice, and what male director could possibly understand what it means to be that lone female voice?

Yup. But, while it seems like the obvious choice, it's also the first time a woman would be directing a major superhero movie. (Previously Lexi Alexander directed 'Punisher: War Zone' but there were reports she was removed from the project during post-production.) Marvel came close with Patty Jenkins on 'Thor 2' (thanks to the help of Natalie Portman), but Jenkins and Marvel ultimately parted ways ('Game of Thrones' vet Alan Taylor stepped in as a replacement).

And, it's not just superhero films. According to this report, of the top 250 films of 2013, only 15 were directed by women. While Taylor was hired for 'Thor 2,' his 'Game of Thrones' counterpart Michelle MacLaren still has not directed her first feature. So, while it should seem obvious, we're actually relieved to hear that Warner Bros. is making the right, smart creative choice to hire a woman to direct the 'Wonder Woman' movie.

From MacLaren to Kathryn Bigelow, there are plenty of talented female directors for Warner Bros. to choose from. And, with all due respect to those women, we've been preaching all along that Warner Bros. should throw their money at a woman who, at one time, could've starred as Wonder Woman to direct their movie: Angelina Jolie. Her second directorial feature 'Unbroken' hits theaters this December and has a lot of strong Oscar buzz. She's starred as a strong action heroine, and would bring a very interesting perspective behind the camera.