Gotta love the internet, for it blesses us with something new to obsess over each and every day. Today it's this death scene from the Turkish "film" 'Kareteci Kız'. Said film includes a death scene that is laughably drawn out to an extreme length by an actor who just may have known that he'd become famous for his horrendous overacting some 40 years later. Check it out after the jump.

Now, there's a preface before you watch this. The video that emerged from out of nowhere yesterday has evidently been altered to include a repetitive scream that makes the death rattle all the more amusing. This is the first video, and deserves its moment in the sun.

However, thanks to some clever sleuthing by GeekTyrant, it turns out the above video was tinkered with. Funny, yes, but it loses just a bit of the novelty value that comes with a genuinely ridiculous YouTube artifact.

The video you see below is the real deal, and while the scream is gone, the man's hammy, prolonged anguish is still ever so wonderful. Plus, you get to enjoy the entire scene the proceeds it, which is just as goofily bizarre. You're apt to spend much of your morning sending this to your friends, so you might as well start watching now.