There have not been many good video game movies. Have there been any good video game movies? No, not really but there have at least been some okay video game movies. Sadly, there are a lot more really bad video game movies. We teamed up with our video game based sister site Arcade Sushi to mash some buttons in a special episode of 5x5 to find the worst video game movies of all-time. You're welcome, nobody.

Just because we've been subjected to some truly horrible video game movies over the years (case in point: every movie in this video), doesn't mean we should have to be. Some of these games could have made really cool movies! But, for some reason or another, they weren't given the respect, budget, talent and script they deserved. And, that's how you wind up on this list.

Join Mike Sampson and Matt Singer from ScreenCrush as they enter co-op mode with Luke Brown, Paul Ritchey, Josh Henderson, Nick Murphy and Mike Sadorf to examine some of these most egregious offenders of good taste and spend too much time talking about The Rock's sweat.

Will a truly great video game movie be made one day? Probably. But, until Hollywood figures out that cheat code, we'll have to make do with these trash heap treasures.

For even more from Arcade Sushi and 5x5, check out some additional episodes below.

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