If you played video games when you were a kid, you'll recognize some very familiar faces in these four new 'Wreck-It Ralph' posters. Q*Bert, Neff, M. Bison (!!!), Clyde, Inky, and Dr. Robotnik are all featured alongside characters from the film in these delightfully colorful new posters.

'Wreck-It Ralph' stars John C. Reilly as the titular video game villain, a guy who's sick of being the bad guy all the time to apple-cheeked protagonist Fix-It Felix. So Ralph takes matters into his own hands and abandons his post at the arcade to venture through other video game worlds on a quest to find his purpose -- but his soul-searching becomes so much more important when the biggest villain ever threatens to destroy the video games, their beloved characters, and the arcade itself.

Joining John C. Reilly are the voices of Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer, Alan Tudyk, Horatio Sanz, and so, so many more. Also on board are a host of classic video game characters, ranging from Sonic the Hedgehog to Street Fighter and even Super Mario Bros. -- the fraternal plumbers themselves won't be making an appearance, but their persistent foe King Koopa will.

Check out these four new posters courtesy of IGN, and check out the film when it hits theaters on November 2.