Saturday night marked the season finale of 'SNL,' but it was also a farewell to one of the series' best and brightest talents -- Kristen Wiig. The diverse comedienne has lent her array of wacky characters with quirky affectations to the series since 2005. We take a look at her ten best sketches and characters from the last seven years.

#10 -- Aunt Linda

Aunt Linda stops by Weekend Update from time to time to provide movie reviews. In this edition, she scoffs at 'Clash of the Titans,' but praises it for allowing her to see a real-life Pegasus, and trashes Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' for having too many colors and "Helen Obama Carter." Aunt Linda's reviews are (mostly) spot-on and hilarious, punctuated by her signature phrase, "Oh, brother!"

#9 -- 'SNL' Digital Short: Body Fuzion

Drew Barrymore leads "Body Fuzion," a low-impact all-female workout in this Digital Short. Wiig plays Michelle, one of the workout ladies, and demonstrates more "complex" step moves. Her hip-gyrating is a must-see, showcasing Wiig's ability to completely steal a sketch as a background player with the smallest touches.

#8 -- Jar Glove Commercial

Commercials and infomercials often feature people unrealistically trying to accomplish basic tasks in the most exaggerated, absurd fashion, usually punctuated with someone saying, "There's got to be a better way!" This faux commercial for the "jar glove" takes that concept even further, as Wiig plays a wife who inadvertently kills her husband while trying to get a jar open.

#7 -- Gilly

Gilly is a troublemaker kid whose catchphrase is a disingenuous "Sorry." In this sketch, Drew Barrymore plays "Gigli," Gilly's Italian counterpart. Gigli says "Scusi" instead of "Sorry" and the pair wreak havoc on the classroom, driving the students and teacher bonkers.

#6 -- Garth and Kat

Garth and Kat are a singing duo with matching vests and turtlenecks who claim to write and rehearse all of their own songs... But they clearly don't. Inspired by improv-style games, Wiig plays Kat to Fred Armisen's Garth. Garth appears to be the only one who knows the words -- which are made up on the spot -- and Kat just follows his lead, completely oblivious to what she's singing.

#5 -- Judy Grimes

Travel writer Judy Grimes copes with her intense nervousness by adding, "Just kidding" after everything she says. It's not as laugh out loud funny as some of Wiig's other characters, but the fun of Judy Grimes is in watching Wiig try to rattle off a long stream of dialogue while saying "Just kidding" after each phrase.

#4 -- The Merrell Sisters on Lawrence Welk

The Merrell Sisters are a singing quartet comprised of three lovely ladies... and Dooneese. With tiny baby hands and a giant forehead, Dooneese is always adding inappropriate or weird lyrics to the ladies' songs. This clip is the first appearance of the Merrell Sisters on 'SNL.' Featuring host Anne Hathaway, their debut appearance is still their funniest.

#3 -- Sue

Anytime her friends plan a surprise, Sue is always way too excited and can't keep the secret, resulting in some pretty wacky self-inflicted injuries. Sue's friend (Josh Brolin) is proposing to his girlfriend at a Japanese restaurant, but Sue just can't keep her stupid trap shut. This sketch trumps the other appearances of Sue when Kristen Wiig jumps through the door.

#2 -- Penelope

Penelope is that person we all know who has to one-up every thing you say in that super snotty, casual way. Did you take a deep breath? Penelope just took two, and her breathing is so deep she can move furniture with it. In this sketch, Penelope heads to group therapy (hosted by Neil Patrick Harris) and claims that her best friends are Liza Minelli and a tomato.

#1 -- Target Lady

Wiig's Target Lady character is one of her best, perhaps because she really nails the specific quirkiness of a familiar type of person, or perhaps because she rarely makes an appearance, but when she does she's usually accompanied by Justin Timberlake. In this sketch, Timberlake plays the Target Lady's hilarious friend, Peg, and the two bounce off one another wonderfully.