The Flash has already made tremendous impact on The CW’s Arrow-verse, and the hits keep coming before season 3's end. Not only will Falling Skies and Hellboy star Doug Jones play a new DC metahuman baddie, but so too will Flash characters Joe West and Cisco Ramon drop by Starling City for a visit.

Renowned for his physical presence in films like Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Doug Jones will appear in Season 3's 19th episode “Broken Arrow” as DC villain Deathbolt, also known as the electricity-wielding Jake Simmons. Deathbolt also marks the first major metahuman to debut on Arrow rather than The Flash, though it remains to be seen if the character will have any connection to Central City, which itself has already seen one electricity-manipulating villain.

Elsewhere, GreenArrowTV reports that The Flash stars Jesse L. Martin (Joe) and Carlos Valdes (Cisco) will appear in Starling City for an upcoming episode, seeking Captain Lance’s assistance with a case. Unknown however, is which series would feature the crossover scene, whether it coincides with Arrow characters Felicity and Ray Palmer visiting Central City, or has any connection to Doug Jones’ Deathbolt.

Arrow Season 3 will return later tonight with “The Return” of Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson, but what other Flash crossovers might we see before the season finales?

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