UPDATE - It turns out the below report from Latino Review was based on a fake script that was circulating online, and there is no truth to the rumors below of the additional villains in 'Batman vs. Superman.'

Lex Luthor will be the primary villain in 'Batman vs. Superman' - this we already know. But, for as great an actor as Jesse Eisenberg is, he's not a match physically for Batman or Superman, which means he'll need some help. So, who else will our superheroes have to battle against in the upcoming movie?

We've heard the rumors of Doomsday being a part of the new film, and while we don't have confirmation on that yet (or who would be playing him), we do know of four new villains who are a major part of the story via Latino Review. They're reporting that Victor Zsasz, Amanda Waller, David Cain and Morgan Edge all make appearances in 'Batman vs. Superman'.

Zsasz is a Batman villain that isn't nearly as sophisticated as Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy. He's just a serial killer in Gotham who carves a mark on his body for every person he's killed. Zsasz, who previously popped up in a courtroom scene in Christopher Nolan's 'Batman Begins,' will reportedly be part of an early action scene with Batman to open the movie.

Amanda Waller is a U.S. congresswoman who is not a fan of either Batman or Superman. In the comics she was responsible for organizing the Suicide Squad; a team of supervillains working on covert missions for the government in exchange for reduced sentences. According to Latino Review, in the film she "comes up with a counter measure" to stop Superman (Doomsday?). Waller has previously been seen in the 'Green Lantern' movie and is a character on TheCW's 'Arrow.'

David Cain is an assassin hired by Luthor to do some dirty business in the film.

Morgan Edge is a former business associate of Lex Luthor and current head of the Galaxy Broadcasting System in Metropolis (WGBS News can be seen in 'Man of Steel'). In the film, he's playing the role of Director of Public Relations for LexCorp and early on, we see him go head-to-head with Lois Lane on a Fox News style program.

Even with these supporting characters and, Wonder Woman and Cyborg confirmed, we still have a lot that we need to learn about who is in 'Batman vs. Superman.' Because the film leads into a 2018 'Justice League' movie, we can expect to see a lot of familiar faces be introduced throughout the film as director Zack Snyder begins to expand the DC movie universe.